Alternate Ways of Teaching Young Percussionists

Alternate Ways of Teaching Young Percussionists by Diane In working with kids aged 7-12 for over 25 years now, I have found that through the use of mnemonics, listening, movement, and singing, young children can learn to play complicated rhythms, improvise and create original pieces without written music. I certainly recognize that music reading is[…]

Leopard Alum Dani Markham Joins TuneYards!

We are very proud of Leopard Alum Dani Markham!  She has joined Tune Yards on their Nikki Nack tour as a percussionist and vocalist. Dani began playing in the Leopards when she was 8.  In 2005, she received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Miami.  While in college, Dani was invited to play[…]

Teddy Visits!

The Louisville Orchestra Conductor Teddy Abrams stopped by rehearsal to visit us.  We played a couple of tunes for him, then he told us all about how he became a conductor at such a young age.  After that, he lead us in a jam session!