Apprentice to Assistant by Kelsey Lee

Apprentice to Assistant by Kelsey Lee To grow up in the Leopard family has been an incredible experience for me. It has taught me patience, understanding, adventure, problem solving, how to enjoy a wide variety of music, teamwork, and other lifelong lessons.  I went into the Louisville Leopard group thinking I was just going to[…]

Alternate Ways of Teaching Young Percussionists

Alternate Ways of Teaching Young Percussionists by Diane In working with kids aged 7-12 for over 25 years now, I have found that through the use of mnemonics, listening, movement, and singing, young children can learn to play complicated rhythms, improvise and create original pieces without written music. I certainly recognize that music reading is[…]

Leopard Alum Dani Markham Joins TuneYards!

We are very proud of Leopard Alum Dani Markham!  She has joined Tune Yards on their Nikki Nack tour as a percussionist and vocalist. Dani began playing in the Leopards when she was 8.  In 2005, she received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Miami.  While in college, Dani was invited to play[…]

Teddy Visits!

The Louisville Orchestra Conductor Teddy Abrams stopped by rehearsal to visit us.  We played a couple of tunes for him, then he told us all about how he became a conductor at such a young age.  After that, he lead us in a jam session!

Zeppelin Explosion!

We were honored that Jimmy Page of the band Led Zeppelin posted our YouTube video of Kashmir, The Ocean, and Immigrant Song to his Facebook page stating, “Too good not to share!”. Since then, our video has been viewed millions of times on many different websites.  Thanks Jimmy Page! To see our video, go here:[…]


  In August 2016, we traveled to Kansas City, MO to perform at the Ted Talk Convention for an audience of over 3000 people!  This Ted Talk is the largest in the United States. We were treated like VIPs the whole time with our private dressing room, free admission to Science City, a picnic on[…]

Leopards in Louisville Magazine

Bang the Drum Quickly by Hope Reese pictures by Chris Witzke On a gray December afternoon, inside a building on the corner of Third and York streets in downtown Louisville, Diane Downs gazes over a sea of children waving mallets behind rows of drums and xylophones.  “I’m gonna trust you to make it sound good,”[…]