Leopard Alum Dani Markham Joins TuneYards!


IMG_9194 We are very proud of Leopard Alum Dani Markham!  She has joined Tune Yards on their Nikki Nack tour as a percussionist and vocalist.

Dani began playing in the Leopards when she was 8.  In 2005, she received a full-tuition scholarship to attend the University of Miami.  While in college, Dani was invited to play at the International Youth Asian Arts Festival in Kagoshima, Japan.

Dani became a highly sought after percussionist and drummer in Miami and played with numerous bands spanning across several genres including soul, funk, pop and rock. She also continued to pursue her love for classical music, appearing with the New World Symphony in 2009. Her work also includes studio recording.

Dani+Markham+0leS5_VBXC3mRecently Dani moved to the Bay Area of California and is currently touring throughout the United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia with the band Tune Yards.  Dani takes on a multi-faceted roll in this band — playing an arsenal of drums and percussion while belting out intricate melodies over poly-rhythmic grooves.