Sept 20, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

Sept 20, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes

PRESENT – Jessica Murr (Pres), Matt Banker (VP), Seanna Bezehertny (Past Pres),
Chris Jozefowicz (Sec), Tamuna Loladze (Tres), Laura Wheeler, Caroline Taylor,
Kate Kolb, Adam Loewy, Diane Downs, Kristin Wingfeld, Amber Fox-Young
ABSENT – Colleen Conley, John Scruton, Debbie Woods

  • Strategic Planning Review and Update
    • Jessica: Brief overview of long term/short term plans, covering 5 areas. No 5 on backburner. Other 4 started goal sheets.
    • Goal for Nov meeting: approve strategic plan for next three years.
    • Jessica will send Strategic Plan draft to everyone on board.


  • Finance / Business Manager Report (Tamuna/Caroline)
    • Headliners show. Didn’t gross as much as expected. In future: how often hold such events? Main goal to raise $ for scholarship. Finance committee thought $1k good scholarship amount in previous meeting. Still undecided on whether to use show money for scholarship or something else. Jess: need to form official scholarship finance committee. Still waiting on $500 donation from sponsor. Tricia said she’d head scholarship finance committee.
    • Sam W. – every quote he gives that mentions Leopards he’ll donate $10. Until Oct 31. Earmark for scholarship? Needs to go in
    • Camp report – attendance down. First year in a few sessions with open spots. Caroline presents report. Next year camp will have online enrollment, up on Feb 1, 2019.
    • Budget – Caroline presents draft of budget and budget history doc. Caroline & Jessica will do staff interviews to see if new things needed. PR committee input: social media management needs improvements. Might require hiring. An expense that might come up this year. Also reach out to staff, VIA. Intern from local college?
    • Staff raises? Gave bonuses in Spring. Need committee: How to determine staff hourly rates? Goal: In place by Jan 1.• Consulting fee. Scheduled through Oct and will spill to Nov. $5k set in contract.
    • Other professional involvement?  Need professional audit? – for Fed money. Could impact budget. Might be required for major capital campaign, was recommended by consultant.
    • Need permanent building. Endowment.
    • Possible sources for income: Corporate sponsorships? Ads coming back to program? Need parent to take it on. Intern? Need by Nov 1. Ask VIA if they could include? Any templates available?
    • Surplus can’t cover all above ideas.


  • Discussion Items
    • Parent Meeting(s) – Info meeting. Then serves as social. No kids? Find parents to help with program ads. Other parents who help.
    When to do? In conjuction with Gig? Belknap fest? Douglass Community Center? Jessica will work on it. Falls City? Separate into two meetings? 1) info session, 2) parent social. Social Activity Ideas
    • Planned giving –  Jess: Missing 25 years of alums for capital campaign and for strategic planning. Create alumni assoc? Open house at LLP HQ? Ideas from Laura: FB group for alums, participate in big gig, bio updates for newsletter/mailing list. Create alum email list, mail scholarships?


  • Summary of items on which action is needed:
    -Strategic Planning Committees to develop three-year goals
    -Assemble Scholarship Finance Committee; Tricia as head?
    -Promote Sam Wheeler quote/donation in Newsletter
    -Conduct staff interviews to gauge staff needs, add to budget
    -Assemble committee to determine staff hourly rates
    -Find parent to coordinate program ads
    -Set up parent meeting site and date/time


  • Future meetings: Nov 8, Jan 10, March 14, May 9 (5:15-6:15pm at the rehearsal space)